About Book Bears

Our mission

At Book Bears, we focus on the joy of story. We’re on a mission to create lifelong readers by showing little bears that reading is fun! With our service, your child will receive a present in the mail every month. The books are chosen by a children's book editor with more than a decade of experience editing picture books. We look for a diversity of stories and perspectives and a wide range of art styles as we make our monthly selections for each age level. We choose books that speak to the childhood experience, have literary merit, and most of all, are fun to read so you can sit back and enjoy them together as family. To further our mission, we donate one picture book for every new subscriber we receive. Book Bears Read!

The founders

Book Bears is a husband-and-wife team from New York. Together, we have more than a decade of experience in the book publishing and IT industries. We draw on our deep editorial knowledge of the children's book market to make the best selections possible.