Hooray for May! May Book Bears news


It’s been a good May so far! We’ve received our very first review from Deanna over at Chi City Mom. The review calls out our Share the love of stories card, saying it “includes some great conversation starters” for kids and also noted that the books we sent were “big, bright, colorful and beautiful” and really captured the attention of her four-year-old. We love this great pull-quote:

“If you want to instill a love of reading and keep the children engaged in reading, Book Bears is a way to go.”

Here’s the full link to the review. Thanks for the love, Deanna—and we’re so glad your little one enjoyed the books!

And we also received this super-cute video from Lucee at Mom Junky of her young son trying to open the Book Bears package.

Yep, the struggle is real! Thanks again for sharing the adorable video, Lucee!

Keep an eye for a new post coming soon in which we break down some of the recent Book Bears selections and why we chose them!

Book Bears read!


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