More Book Bears Selections

Today we’re talking about a few more of our picture book selections, so you can see what Book Bears has to offer little bears! We hope you like our picks! As you may already know, our service centers around the joy of story, so we look for engaging storytelling and strong characters that kids will connect with. And these selections are up to the task! Read on to learn a bit more about our recent selections and why we chose them.



LITTLE LOST COWBOY by Simon Puttock, illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

From the publisher: “Arooo! I’m lost and I’m lonesome!” Poor Cowboy Coyote is alone in the desert. He can’t find his mommy and doesn’t know what to do. He’s tired, sore, wet, and bumped. But then a very nice toad gives the little lost cowboy the best advice of all – stay put, and your mommy will find YOU. With bright illustrations that playfully evoke the American Southwest, this collaboration between rising star Simon Puttock and award-winning Caroline Jayne Church is sure to become a read-aloud favorite.

Our take:

This is a sweet story with echoes of the classic children’s book Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. There’s a lot of nice repetition throughout as Cowboy Coyote goes from place to place, looking for his mother and meeting new animals.

And what kid won’t want to “AROOO!” right along with him?

The art depicts the desert landscape in bright colors and simple shapes, with plenty of unique details. In fact, the landscape is what inspired our book-related activity!

And of course, this book tackles an important subject: what a child should do if they become lost or separated from their parents. Have you had the “getting lost” conversation with your little bear? If not, this book provides an opportunity to start the conversation in a way that’s fun and lighthearted (and not scary!). There’s also nothing wrong with enjoying it purely for the story itself.

The text of the book is © Simon Puttock, and the art is © Caroline Jayne Church.



RESCUE BUNNIES by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Scott Menchin

From the publisher: Newbie is a Rescue Bunny trainee. She has passed the Physical Fitness Test. She has passed the Emergency Rescue Roping Test. She has even passed the Blind Taste Test. Now it’s time for the toughest Rescue Bunny test of all…the Field Test! It involves a scared giraffe in a sinking mudhole, some hungry hyenas, and dance moves that sneak up on you. Will Newbie have what it takes? The right stuff? Can she handle the truth? One thing is for sure…she will have you at hello.

Our take: This is a great book about perseverance, as Newbie the bunny puts her all into her training to become a “Rescue Bunny.” Most of all, it’s a book about friendship and helping others, as Newbie ends up making a daring rescue—we love that the book has such a well-developed story arc. The author Doreen Cronin is a pro, and Scott Menchin’s art is endearing.

We think kids will have so much reading all the speech bubbles in this book. We also appreciated that Newbie is a female character that both boys and girls will relate to and be rooting for. Our package includes a physical activity inspired by the “rescue” theme.

Bonus for parents: there are some very familiar phrases from popular culture sprinkled throughout. The kids won’t “get” them, but who cares?

The text of the book is © Doreen Cronin, and the art is © Scott Menchin.

And don’t forget: we’re still running our coupon – just a few days left!

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