The Power of the Wordless Picture Book

Today we’re talking about wordless picture books (and almost-wordless ones). No words, you say? Don’t we want our kids improving their reading skills? Of course we do! We at Book Bears believe there’s no better way to transform little bears into lifelong readers than to captivate them with stories and help them fall in love with books. And this can be achieved effectively through the reading and sharing of wordless books.

After all, just because a picture book doesn’t have words (or has few words) doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of story happening inside it.

In fact, wordless books can be extremely complex, and they often beg for repeat readings in which even more of the story is realized as the reader digests the small details of the artwork and pacing.

But do you want to know the best part about wordless picture books? They inspire a child’s imagination!

In place of an author’s narration, your child becomes the narrator, choosing the words to describe the scenes in the book and deciding where to inject exclamations and when it’s time to turn the page. We can’t think of a better way to get little bears excited about books and reading than to empower them to tell stories. It’s a bonus that they get to flex their vocab muscles along the way. Wordless books can also make for a fantastic introduction into the world of books for the more reluctant readers among our little bears.

There’s been an influx of wordless picture books on the market in recent years (including a spate of big-time award winners), and we couldn’t be happier to see these titles out in the world, inspiring little bears everywhere.

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