Book Bears selections

Hello, bears! We’re excited to be sharing our take on some of the recent Book Bears selections. There’s a little something for everyone here (if we do say so!). Happy reading! #GiveaBearaBook #BookBearsRead




From the publisher: “Lulu the little chicken is sick of being told she’s too little to do things…so she decides to run away where no one will tell her what to do. And when the horse, and sheep and cow and everyone seem to get in her way, it only makes her more determined. But when she finally gets far far away, what happens when a loud crow scares her? Next time, she’ll take her momma with her!”

Our take: This is a perfect little picture book. It has a strong story arc with a beginning, middle, and end—and an exciting climactic moment. We love that Lulu’s mom gives her just enough freedom to go off on her own, and that the pigs are seen keeping an eye on her throughout. There’s also plenty of gentle humor along Lulu’s journey to “far, far away.” The ending in which Lulu realizes she does need her mother is sweet and satisfying. We’re not surprised that this book won the Children’s Choice Book Award for Kindergarten to Second Grade Book of the Year, the London Book Festival Children’s Book Award, and was given Honorable Mention at the New England Book Festival.

The text and art of the book is © by Paulette Bogan.

BB-selection2-5  BB-selection5-8

HIDE!!! by Jeff Foxworthy, illustrated by Steve Bjorkman


From the publisher:On a Saturday morning/ Like many before/ The kids were all restless./ In fact, they were bored./ It had finally stopped raining/ After nearly a week/ Then they had an idea,/ Let’s play hide-and-seek! Comedian Jeff Foxworthy tells the story of a neighborhood hide-and-seek game and invites readers to join in! With vivid illustrations and a hearty dose of silliness, each page includes a hidden child, a seeker, and other objects for kids to find. Can you help Rachel Green find Sue, along with one raccoon, two spoons, three mops, four flip flops? Hide!!! is guaranteed to charm readers of all ages.”

Our take: There are some things that never go out of style—and hide-and-seek is one of them! We love that this book comes with a built-in game with hidden items in the artwork that kids can find and count. The bouncy rhymes are fun for reading aloud, and we think the book can bridge age levels which is why we’ve chosen it for both our age levels. If there’s one qualm we have about the book it’s that there could have been more diversity seen in the characters. But overall, it’s a fun, lighthearted story capturing one of kids’ favorite pastimes.

The book is © by Jeff Foxworthy.

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